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Hello world!

I’m very excited to have the opportunity to share my thoughts with everyone. I am very fortunate to have a hubby as a web designer . As a programmer he designed this website so I could edit the pages myself with a text editor and add my own images. He would be only too happy to help create a programme that suits your particular needs you choose the layout, colours and so on an he will construct an interactive and user friendly programme, these services can be done online and over the phone. Click the underlined to view details.

With the use of various art mediums this page will be continuously evolving with new illustrations, ceramic vessels stories and writings about other artist. Art Inspirations could be of a cultural, social or political nature, or just practise. Whatever the concept the page will be progressive, live online and have no definitely.

On my other pages I talked about studying at Sydney Uni (College Of Visual Arts). I wanted to add that my Mentors there included some of Australia’s exceptionally talented ceramicist, painters, technicians, art historians, students and lecturers. I’m sorry I don’t remember all of their names but here’s a few Goodrin, Mitsu, Clyde Maryann, Megan. Tok Metias Cath, Anne and so many other colleagues and teachers. (you probably don’t remember me hi and thanks, that’s if you ever see this page).

I’ve just started writing again so excuse my grammar it should progress and improve shortly. You get the idea.

These parrots are frequent visitors to my home and I’ve been attracting them with Wild bird seed ,this one is a blue winged Rosella, I’m not sure whether its a girl or boy but it seems like a she with her soft and fearless nature. She must be some sort of a leader, when she flies into my balcony whistling with a sing song tune alerting me to feed them. This illustration is one of the characters I have in mind for an animation her name “Frangi”.

Well that’s all folks, for now anyway I’ll add some more soon



This picture was illustrated then painted from a photograph taken in Lake Conjola a week before mothers day 2010. The light was bright this morning and the water was reflecting veins of light.