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a. 10 Osrick Ave, Ulladulla NSW 2539

handmade pottery bowls

handmade pottery platters

handmade pottery plates

handmade pottery mugs

p. 02 4454 4394

m. 0424 005 184

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South Coast NSW

10 Osrick Ave, Ulladulla

Ulladulla is South of Nowra and North of Batemans Bay.

handmade pottery bowls, platters, plates & mugs

I love making handmade and hand painted terracotta bowls, platters, plates & mugs for my home and for customer special orders. I have a limited range o display products on this website but I have a much larger range in my gallery at Ulladulla on the South Coast of NSW.

If you are looking for that unique present or gift. You can choose from the a range of bowls, platters, plates and mugs that I’ve created or I can personalise or custom design bowls, platters, plates and mugs for your family and friends.

handmade terracotta pottery

My handmade terracotta pottery bowls, platters, plates and mugs are lead-free, dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. Each item is formed on the potters wheel, not from mold making each platter, bowl, plate and mug a unique size and shape and identified as a set through the design, color or concept.

Products are either hand painted with under glaze and then glazed or hand painted with glaze. They are functional artwork usable and aesthetically pleasing, making each moment or event special. Objects of symbolic and ceremonial significance.

These vessels have their own unique feel and texture, being handcrafted and handmade allows me to create each and every item with a good quantity of the material making them feel natural and heavier than conventional dishes or home wares. However I am able to modify the thickness if you prefer fine pieces. These bowls, platters, plates and mugs have a special feel when you eat or serve food in them.

pricing and orders

This is not an online shopping website, I create unique products and have very reasonable prices so that my bowls, platters, plates and mugs will be affordable, collectible and enjoyed. The designs, colors and concepts will be changed regularly and your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated and encouraged. Please contact me. I would love to make you that special platter, bowl, plate or mug set for your special person on their special occasion.