elsie cogar ~ artist

a. 10 Osrick Ave, Ulladulla NSW 2539

handmade pottery bowls

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It all started from about the age of seven a fascination and continuous process of representing the environment. My very own interpretation of a particular event, situation, object, person, media or landscape. Illustrating, singing, painting, and writing this is my way of recreating , reinventing even deluding myself. I had a very good imagination.

I studied Visual Art at Sydney College of The Arts a wonderful and enriching experience empowering me to explore all forms of material and media. “History repeats itself” and art is a reflection of the social and political culture of a given period in time. My years studying at Rozelle enabled me to move beyond my own intrinsic culture to explore and go to history as a great source for inspiration and direction. The beauty of this is that every idea and concept has been created for discovery and re-experienced over and over through different forms of media. ceramics as a medium

I only started working in clay at Rozelle and as a medium I find it exciting and very rewarding. Creating three dimensional objects to capture notions of nostalgia, current social and political climate. A subtle, softer, invisibility of thought. Mysterious and fun open for external interpretation. Clay can be manipulated, carved watered down and decorated, when fired and glazed be displayed indoors or out be used for day to day living building or displayed as ornamentation. creating traditional forms

I create each and every vessel from the raw material (mostly terracotta) by shaping the clay into traditional functional forms with a wheel. My technique has been developing for over five to ten years practising on and off in between family commitments with an intense passion. I hope that I can one day make you a special bowl, plate or set.

Thank you for reading my words,

elsie cogar